Interview Smarter
with Video Interview Platform

Miahire makes interviews easier for both employers and candidates by allowing candidates to answer interview questions whenever and wherever they want, without any prior face-to-face interview arrangement.


Are you facing any of these problems?

  • Overwhelming applications

    Overwhelming applications

    Finding it challenging to manage a high volume of applications from recruitment sites

  • Dealing with Time-waster

    Dealing with Time-waster

    Wasting valuable time on interviews with unqualified candidates out of politeness

  • Over complex Scheduling

    Over complex Scheduling

    Feeling overwhelmed coordinating interviews that accommodate everyone's schedules

  • Resume vs Interview Discrepancy

    Resume vs Interview Discrepancy

    Encountering cases where candidates appear impressive on resumes but unqualified during the interview stage

  • Mundane Screening

    Mundane Screening

    Experiencing difficulties identifying promising candidates during resume screening

  • Geographical Constraints

    Geographical Constraints

    Dealing with geographical constraints when interviewing candidates from multiple locations

This is where interview becomes
effortless icon and efficient! icon

  • Specialists


    Discover the perfect fit for your specialized roles, from technical experts to industry-specific

  • Customer Service roles

    Customer Service roles

    Selecting the best professionals by evaluating candidate's solving problem skills and more

  • Manual Workers

    Manual Workers

    Streamline the screening process by assessing candidates' practical skills, attention to detail, and work ethic

  • Foreign Talents

    Foreign Talents

    Expand your talent pool globally with Miahire's recorded video interview platform

This is where interview becomes effortless and efficient!

icon-blink Simple steps to start your magic!

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Define & customize your questions

Define & customize your questions

Questions can be in video or text format. After setting up, send a link to applicants to start the interview.

02 icon
Candidates conduct interviews

Candidates conduct interviews

Applicants will conduct the interview at their convenience. There's no need to assign an interviewer for each interview.

Evaluate your applicants

Evaluate your applicants

Evaluators assess the candidate's interview using pre-set forms, and hiring manager can make unbiased hiring decision.

Transform your interview process

Current practice Video interview by Miahire




Interview scheduling

Interview scheduling

1st interview

1st interview

Video interview

Video interview

2nd (last) interview

2nd (last) interview

Current practice

traditional process
miahire process

Video interview by Miahire

Let Miahire handle interview, you make the final call!

  • icon No more interview scheduling
  • icon Reduce up to 60% time
    spent on interview
  • icon Fair evaluation based on pre-set
  • icon No mismatching,
    only great candidates
  • icon 3x Interview-to-Hire
    conversion rate
  • icon Raise the Applicant-to-Interview
    ratio from 15% to 25%

Streamlined User Experience

Navigating interview with ease through our intuitive interface


  • Overview recruitment progress easily
  • Tracking multiple positions all at once
  • Keep track of candidates thoroughly

Interview setup

  • Invite candidate to apply with one click
  • Manage interview results on the spot
  • Search for candidates & Export data
Interview setup

Customize test

  • Freely create & edit interview content
  • Diversify questions & tests for specific roles
  • Customize answer time & preparation time
Customize test

Evaluate candidates

  • Review & rate candidates' answer
  • Manage evaluation process
  • Give feedback based on pre-set forms
Evaluate candidates


  • Choose UI language
  • Upload resume
  • Apply from any type of device


  • Conduct interview conveniently
  • Read clear instruction for each question
  • Practice before starting the interview

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