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Empowering your HR Tech with Miahire

Welcome to Miahire

A Pre-recorded Video Interview Platform for Corporates

Welcome to Miahire
Did you know over 70% of employers globally report difficulty finding the skilled talent they need in 2023?
Organizations now need human resources consulting services more than ever!

Transform with
Recorded Video Interview Platform

Say goodbye to traditional interview methods & Let our magic do the work for you!

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Define & customize your questions

Define & customize your questions

Questions can be in video or text format. After setting up, send a link to applicants to start the interview.

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Candidates conduct interviews

Candidates conduct interviews

Applicants will conduct the interview at their convenience. There's no need to assign an interviewer for each interview.

Evaluate your applicants

Evaluate your applicants

Evaluators assess the candidate's interview using pre-set forms, and hiring manager can make unbiased hiring decision.

icon-blink Witness the drastically change in the number

Traditional interview method
  • 100
  • 50
  • 45
  • 15
  • 1
  • Resumes
  • Pass the screening step
  • proceed to 1st interview
  • proceed to last interview
  • Will get job offer
  • 100
  • Skip
  • Skip
  • 25
  • 5+
References: 2023 Recruiting Metrics Report by Careerplug.com
Let Miahire handle interview, you make the final call!
  • icon No more interview scheduling
  • icon Reduce up to 60% time
    spent on interview
  • icon Fair evaluation based on pre-set
  • icon No mismatching,
    only great candidates
  • icon 3x Interview-to-Hire
    conversion rate
  • icon Raise the Applicant-to-Interview
    ratio from 15% to 25%

Why Choose Miahire

Discover Miahire success
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    Expertise experience

    Exclusively offer expert filtering and verification of top candidates

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    Cutting-edge technology

    Allow candidates answer interview questions whenever and wherever they want

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    Dedicated support

    Your success is our top priority.We're here to guide you at every step of the way

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