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Case Studies

Case Studies

SupremeTech (ST) is an offshore development company based in Da Nang, central Vietnam. We specializes in product development in agile scrum development, and is actively hiring high-level engineers throughout the year. In Vietnam, there are more engineer job seekers than in Japan, but it’s still time-consuming to select high-skilled engineers that pass our hiring bar. It’s challenging for the hiring manager and interviewers to make time for interviews, as well as applying a standardized hiring process and criteria across candidates.

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Shortlisted 7 engineer candidates from 100 applications in just 1 week

After setting up questions in MiaHire, HR only needed to send automated emails to all candidates. We then got notified after candidates have completed their interviews and it’s time for hiring manager to review the videos, pick the top applicants and invite them for in-person interviews. Thanks to MiaHire, the manager was able to spend more time with the top candidates to better understand them. We cannot imagine going back to the legacy recruitment process without MiaHire.


Reduce communication overhead

Since the progress of each candidate is visible on the dashboard, coordination within the HR teams has become much easier. We used to share process in spreadsheets and Slack but now everyone can see the overall progress on MiaHire. Because of that, the recruitment process has become much more efficient.


Eliminate biases

As interviewers are humans, no matter how clearly the company defines the hiring standards, quality of an interview largely depends on the interviewer. With MiaHire, we are able to get rid of the biases in the interviewer's assessment by getting opinions of multiple evaluators and fairly comparing candidates with each others. It also saves us time asking the same questions to every candidates, reducing workload for interviewers.

MiaHire to further improve your
recruitment process

MiaHire is not only a video interview tool. Our vision is to build an end-to-end platform that covers all
steps in your recruitment workflow. Talk to us to learn more about our product roadmap.

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